My Top 10 Christmas Favorites

1. Feliz Navidad by José Feliciano, Randy Edelman.

2. Chocolate Chip Cookies



3. Elf: “SANTAAA” 
4. During the holidays I spend time with my family and friends, my dad usually makes kimchi stew so we stay nice and warm, for me and my friends we make snowman or snowboard down a hill.
5. I hope to get LED lights or maybe a new computer because it is getting old and broken.
6. If there was a Christmas Service I could do it would be giving food to the homeless and warm blankets so they don’t freeze to death out in the winter storm, we then could give food to dogs and cat shelters as well.

8. Wicked Cool Toys Pokémon Ditto Plush Stuffed Animal Toy - 8" - Ages 2+ : Toys & WEICHUAN New Sell Vintage Steampunk Goggles Glasses Cosplay Punk Gothic(purple bronze) : Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

9. Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
10. I used to sleep over with a friend that is about 3 years older than me and we were close best friends, I also used to go out with my friends and hang out in their house watching movies and playing games.

Throwback Thursday

When I was younger I got a robot dog as a toy for me to play with. During the time ToysRUs was still open we got a robot dog, all we had to do was charge it and that was it. Later on the robot dog just broke or well I gave up on it and got bored, on my birthday we got another robot dog except it was a robot dinosaur,the robot dinosaur had a controller unlike the robot dog the dinosaur was a lot bigger than the robot dog, the robot dino had 2 wheels and arms and could do anything else like the robot dog except that it couldn’t do certain tricks.

Another throwback is that I also had stuffed animals my dad got for me at Lagoon, he won a basketball game and got me a stuffed blue bear. We also won a monkey with a bow tie! These are some of my nostalgic toys.

3 day vacation (Free Write)

During last week we didn’t have school on Friday so my parents said we’d go to Las Vegas and we drove for a good 5-6 hours, after the trip it was already 5 PM we went to go eat some food and then go book a hotel, I slept at Luxor and my parents had to go get something and I had to stay in my room for a bit, within a few minutes in the fire alarm went of screeching people are investigating the fire after a few minutes the fire alarm stopped and my parents came. Apparently the fire alarm was pulled by someone as a joke and the investigation stopped. My dad and I went to the arcade at Excalibur and won lots of tickets and played games, my dad won one of those air hockey games against me and he was happy. After awhile everything closed, the next day we went to New York New York and me and my mom had s’mores. After awhile my dad and I rode the rollercoaster “Big Apple” twice, I felt like I was gonna fall out! So far the days been good but on Sunday we had to go back home because of school and thats my 3 day vacation.

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My Korean name.

This is my Korean name, my mom says it came from an actor but it also means the center of the world or my dad also says it means the balance of the world.
Michael is just my American name but my Korean name was given to me before my American name. I love my name cause I don’t see it around in public as much or isn’t really common.
This name seems unique to me and I like that.

Pros and Cons of middle school

PROS and CONS of Middle School.

No repetitive classes. (Staying in the classroom learning about the same thing everyday.)
5 minute passing time. (Before Next Period Starts)
Being able to socialize.

What to Look For When Choosing a Middle School | Understood - For learning  and thinking differences

Optional Lunch Choices

Waking up early.
Phone Bans.
Not good foods in school.
Bathroom Passes

The effects of sleep deprivation on your body and your brain

3 Personality Quizzes

Today I chose 3 personality quizzes, one of them was which time period I should be in, with the answers I chose it came out to be the future in 3015.







Another quiz was about Superpowers, some of the questions didn’t have the answers I liked but I chose substitutes and got the answer as Shape-Shifting.

A quiz about which planet to live in and I got Earth with my answers.



Links in order:

Time Period

Super Power



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